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“All American Five -From Scratch” Book

by Richard (Dick) Whipple

In the last few years, interest in vintage tube radios has increased remarkably. My interest in tube radios dates to my youth in the 1950s and 60s when my dad and I operated a small radio repair business. After retirement, I purchased an "All American Five" tube radio at an antique store. The pleasure of bringing it back to life led me to collect and repair many more vintage tube radios. Recently I felt inspired to pass along my radio repair knowledge and experience to a new generation of tube radio enthusiasts. Having already written four Amazon books, I was comfortable adding a fifth book to my “From Scratch” series, this time about radio repair. "From Scratch" means I make no assumptions about the reader's knowledge or experience with tube radios, but begin with radio theory, cover the technical side of repair, then provide specific examples of how the repair is done. While I focus on the very popular All American Five design, the reader can readily apply the details to other tube radios. Whether your purpose is a one-time reviving of an acquired vintage tube radio, or you intend to take on reviving AA5s and AA4Bs as a pastime or vocation, I believe my book will be enlightening.


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