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“Build Your Own BASIC -From Scratch” Book

by Richard (Dick) Whipple

In my first book in this series, “Build Your Own Computer-From Scratch”, I started with a few basic concepts and guided the nontechnical reader through the design of a working computer.  The emphasis was on hardware design with less attention paid to software.  In this book, software is the focus.  As before, I make no assumptions regarding your technical knowledge of computers.  I start with a few basic concepts and build a version of the BASIC programming language.  To test Tiny BASIC, I use the BYOC-24 CPU, a modified version of the computer design introduced in my first book.   We first test Tiny BASIC on a simulated BYOC-24 CPU using the freeware application Logisim.  Later, I make Tiny BASIC fully functional using an Intel Cyclone V field programmable gate array. Given this brief  introduction to computer language design, I believe you will be encouraged to explore other areas of computing.  At the very least,  I hope you will appreciate more fully what happens when you type “RUN”, “COMPILE”, or press the green “GO” button in whatever computer language you use.


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